Tønsberg Winter Images.

The sky was dull and gray.

The wind was cold.


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NM i Foto 2013 (Norwegian Photographic Championship)

I did not win. Not by a long shot.

However, I got 3 enteries accepted! (Antatt).  I will definitely not become famous, but I am very satisfied with the result. Somebody looked at my enteries and liked them, and made my day!

Here is: “Airport Movements”.  A combination of pictures taken at the old airport in Berlin, Germany.


This strange picture is called : Bass på Dass.


The “Yellow Lady” was shot in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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gunnarbye20130713__BYE8345Og alle hjerter gleder seg!

Takk for oppdraget i sommer. Tonje Akerholdt og jeg var de heldige fotografene.

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The Oseberg Viking Ship






gunnarbye20131117__DSC3093Sometimes timing is everything.

This beauty can be found in Tønsberg, Norway.

My tools: Nikon D3200 and the kit lens.


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Tusen takk for konfirmasjonsoppdraget i vår, og for at jeg fikk vise fram noen av bildene her.  Kjempehyggelig fotoshoot!







En stor takk til familen Krogstad.


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Ida & Frode

Takk til brudeparet for oppdraget og for å tillate

at noen av bildene fant veien til bloggen min.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Butterflies and Dragonflies

A couple of days ago I discussed butterflies with a good friend of mine.

I described how I inched towards these wonderful insects very carefully.

When I got home I decided to find some old pictures, just for fun.

A nice butterfly-effect.

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T & T is True

It was a honor shooting this beautiful couple.  The entire wedding was situated outdoors, making it a Tru-ly unique experience for guests from several continents.

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After the Wedding Show

When the show finally ended, it was time to play on the Catwalk.



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Ice Carvers

These are the future champions of ice and steel!

Fearsome , invicible and terrifying, they are not!

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